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Hydration and Detoxification

Gain Energy, Recover Faster and Promote Wellness with a Hydrating IV!

When it comes to hydrating the body and absorbing nutrition, IV therapy is more effective that an oral supplement by faster delivery and more up-take of nutrients.  

Whether you make it part of your wellness plan or as a boost to get through a hard week, you will have a noticeable difference!

Snuggle up and relax during your IV or combine it with an aesthetic treatment! Approximately 1 hour for infusions. 

Myers Cocktail-$155 

Contains magnesium chloride to reduce fatigue, improve immunity and relaxation while warding off migraines, B-complex vitamins to keep skin and blood cells healthy, convert nutrients to energy and promote healthy nerve functioning, calcium gluconate to promote healthy bones and normal functioning of muscles nerves and cells and vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant to create collagen and boost immunity.  

Anxiety Reducer-$160

Hydroxo B12 designed to treat low levels of Vitamin B12, brain function, promote skin, blood cell, and nerve health, Glutathione for mitochondrial health, supporting immune function, metabolism and tissue repair, Magnesium to reduce fatigue, improve immunity and relaxation while warding off migraines and B-complex to keep skin and blood cells healthy, convert nutrients to energy and promote healthy nerve functioning.

The Power Hour-$375

NAD- Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is an essential coenzyme in your body for all metabolic reactions.  NAD transfers electrons from one molecule to the next to complete physiological processes in the body.  Maintaining and supplementing NAD can delay or even reverse the aging process and age-related diseases. 

Benefits: Increased energy, enhanced mood, reverse aging, restore energy and brain function, regulate inflammation and more.  

(Suggested to do 4 weekly treatments increasing in dosage)

Gound Zero-$105

B12 in 1000ml NS for hydration and energy.  Simple


** All IVs can be customized and performed during another treatment.  Feel free to add on an IV simply by putting it in your notes when you schedule.  


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